Here are some examples of inscriptions that we have added to a Glass Slipper.

You can find many ideas for inscriptions on the internet.
Put time into it and think it through over and over again.
Your message must come from your heart to hers, funny
or serious it’s the thought that counts
” The true value of any gift is the thought that goes into it”

Once in a while right in the
middle of an ordinary life
love comes along and there
you are in the middle of your
own fairy tale
This day I have
found my Princess Cinderella
Will you marry me?
November 3,2007
You are the only princess who
can wear this slipper
Will you marry me?
Jenny, My World..My Inspiration…
Happy 5th Anniversary! Love , Roy
You are my princess; will you
say yes and become my Queen
To Cinderella Best Wishes
on your 18th Birthday
and May your Fairy Tale never end.
Love Always 10-18-07
The day we met our fairy tale began;
say yes and we will live our lives happily ever after
My Cinderella
You’re the key to my heart and
my soul mate forever.
Will you marry me?
Love Allen 5-10-06
My Princess Michelle,
Join me on our fairy tale
Journey of love & marriage
Prince Charming Mike
Jessy, no one will fill your shoes.
Happy Retirement.
Staff at CGE
Glass Slippers, Glass Slipper

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